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Why use the Organic green manure for vineyards ?

    1. To ensure the enhancement, the aerating and the decompacting of your soils in the various strata, sustainably catch the nitrogen, pull the minerals and oligo elements up, prevent the plots from being contaminated, protect from erosion, bring biodiversity and a sustainable habitat for insects and honeybees and guarantee organic, healthy and rich vineyards in proteins and minerals.

The Organic range of multi-species mixtures for the vine and tree-crop VITIVERT 100% ORGANIC has been conceived in order to support efficiently all types of vineyards, to adapt to the specificities of the different soils, the weather or the varieties of vine stocks. The different hardy and sustainable species used in the ready-to-sow mixtures allow a quick growth from the very start and an effective development of the expected root-system.

For the TRADITIONNEL non organic vineyard, the range of multi-species mixtures VINIVERDE uses traditional, certified and untreated seeds. It is for you the guarantee of working from the outset on a sustainable agriculture. You protect your soil, your crops and most importantly your health and those from your partners from the chemical inputs. It’s a mark of respect towards both the environmental and human resources that is requested by a very large number of customers nowadays.

The benefits of plant manure

Finally, the product range of MELLIFERES multi-species mixtures does exist in annual and multi-annual version. In a certified 100% organic as well as in a traditional untreated version. Both tree crop and vineyard need the presence of honeybees and other insects. This is good for the pollination of your crops, for the natural fight against unwanted predatory insects, for the settlement of a biodiversity that is primordial for the outer-layer but especially for your soils. The insects that find housing in your soils, grant it a lasting aeration, decompaction, fertility, carbon production and simply bring life to the plots. Our mixtures are truly MELLIFERES and the great quantity of nectariferous flowers provide to bees and insects a safe and high quality source of pollen during 4 to 6 months. The presence of our MELLIFERES mixtures beautify your plots with magnificent and abundant flowers, which is an undeniable asset for your customers, especially in wine tourism. At last, become simply, willingly, naturally a sustainable protector of bees.

Green manner and plant cover for your organic or traditional vineyards.

Winemakers from all wine regions access also to the different possibilities of plant cover and green manures such as the large castles, in organic, biodynamic or traditional viticulture.

Our seed unit, created in 1817, is specialized in multi-species viticultural mixtures for traditional and organic vineyards for nearly 60 years. We support you on all the geographical regions of wine production with simple, ecological, annual or permanent solutions, effective whatever the nature of your soils, dry, acidic, normal, in plain or on slopes.

VITIVERT range of green manner and plant cover for winemaking are also available in 100% organic versions for annual or multi-annual planting up to 4-5 years. Cover can increase fertility while decompact the rows.

The benefits of plant manure

Composed of very fast-growing varieties with a strong root system, it provides good protection against erosion and improves the self-fertility flywheel by bringing the mineral and oligo elements to the surface while promoting the production of humus in the soil.

The strengthening of the presence of insects and living organisms, helped by a gas exchange oxygen / CO2, will allow the installation of a sustainable vitality of the soil and therefore be a permanent benefit for your grapevines. Its destruction by rolling or grinding, leaves a protective mulch on the surface, while the very varied root mass works different scales to improve the structure.

This cover makes it possible to improve the diversity of the perennial monoculture that is the vineyard and install many auxiliaries of cultures.

In addition, the flowering of the honey plants enhances biodiversity and the presence of bees and pollinating insects for a period of 5 to 7 months, which will participate in the long-term pollination of your grapevines, the fight against unwanted insects and bring a touch of natural color, appreciable for the visit of parcels by your customers.

The mixture is economical, implants should be done at the rate of 40 kg / ha in full rows and 20 kg / ha in inter-rows for the density of sowing/strong>. The VITIVERT range offers other mixtures adapted to acid soils as well as dry or steep areas.
“À la carte” mixtures are possible and start from 250kg, in order to satisfy as best as possible the quality of your own wines and will.

To make you even more proud of your vintage, plant the VITIVERT Green manner and plant cover mixtures in your vineyards.