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Special honeybees and insects

Bring the plots to life by nourishing the pollinators during summer and in off-season !

An annual frosting mixture for bee-keeping, for flowery fallows and honey plant covers in vine-growing and tree crop.


Flowered strips and flowered fallows planted near the beehives are the most frequent use. This mixture stimulate the wildlife biodiversity on the plots. It provides the primordial conditions of their sustenance throughout the year. The Annual Mellifere Mixture Special Honeybees and Insects is adapted at every soil type and works in-depth thanks to its diversity. Some of the plants have taproots which allows a deep soil decompaction. Therefore this multi-species mixture fits for inter-rows of vine-growing and tree-crop.

SOWING DATES : in spring on warmed soil. It is possible to do a second sowing on top of the first one after several weeks so the flowering time lasts longer.

PLANTING DEPTH : 1cm max. Broadcast on surface and lightly cover the seeds. Prepare the soil as if it is a normal sowing or mulch during autumn on smaller areas and then sow by covering with compost (made of organic waste). Roll the seeds to ensure the osmosis.

SOWING DENSITY: about 10 to 15kg/ha
Sowing density : 15 kg/ha – Sowing date : mid-May – end of July (10kg per bag) ready mixed for sowing.



Advice for the preservation of Bees

Our mixtures intended for sodding in vineyards and tree crops contain a large variety of honey plants and have a very strong power of attraction upon honeybees and other insects. In order to protect the biodiversity in your vineyards and orchard, we recommend not to use this mixtures in areas treated against golden flavescence or if so, to cut it very low three days before the treatment.

Pollinate vineyards with bees manures

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