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Special Honeybees.

The organic Mellifère special Honeybees and insects is suited for beekeepers, fruit-growers or market-gardeners and is the perfect solution to increase biodiversity around the plots. It offers a wide variety of pollen and nectar for honeybees, wild bees, bumblebees and other insects during the whole year, especially during summer. For these insects, alimentation does not only happen in spring : in-between June and August they have to feed for existentialist reasons. Not only do they bring irreplaceable contribution in the proliferation and pollination of wild and agricultural plants, but also these pollinators allow your farms to remain healthy during 1-2 years. Flowering plants like phacelia, mustard crop and buckwheat are relatively early, whereas the flowering of borage, persian clover and egyptian clover will occur later in the season. This extremely diversified mixture will enable beekeepers to produce healthy and high-quality honey for a 5-7 month consecutive period. Delicate and floral tastes for the pleasure of an exceptional honey.

Pollinate vineyards with bees manures

Sowing density : 15 kg/ha – Sowing date : mid-May – end of July (10kg per bag) ready mixed for sowing.


Advice for the preservation of Bees

Our mixtures intended for sodding in vineyards and tree crops contain a large variety of honey plants and have a very strong power of attraction upon honeybees and other insects. In order to protect the biodiversity in your vineyards and orchard, we recommend not to use this mixtures in areas treated against golden flavescence or if so, to cut it very low three days before the treatment.

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