is the online shop for organic and traditionmal products offered by our company Partner&Co, specialized in organic seeds and multi-species mixtures. Our range of certified mixtures answer the needs of « Green manners and Covers » for the special vocations of traditionnal or organic vine-growing and tree crop.

Responsible farmers, Organic vine-growers, Organic arborists and Organic bee-keepers, you are welcome on our online shop « ».

Partner&Co is the french brand of the german cooperative BAGeno Raiffeisen created in 1902. The activity in seed business is even older and goes back to 1817.

For us, at Partner&Co, it all began with organic agriculture products such as organic cereals with their organization, harvest, processing and commercialization. All of our products are in good hands, traced from their origins, variety and European quality. For the feed and food division of human and animal needs.

In terms of certified seeds, we organize, coordinate and regulate the multiplication in our partner farms, then we take in charge the harvest, the cleaning, the treatment, the certification, the packaging, the mixture of the multi-species offers and the shipping.

On the online shop, you will find our best organic seeds for you : vine-growers, arborists, bee-keepers (in organic and traditionnal)

The Vitivert range of products is composed of traditionnal and organic mixtures regrouping green manners and covers for all type of soils, vineyards and climate. As well as extremely efficient, rustic MELLIFERES mixtures that will bring biodiversity to your plots and that will feed and protect the bees and other insects from your region for a long time.

Partner&Co Vitivert are certified by Bureau Veritas FR-BIO-10 but also through BAGeno by Biokreis, BCS, Naturland, Demeter and BioSuisse.

A team of specialists is at your service to advise you for the best concerning your needs and help you to place an order. Feel free to contact us.

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